Personal Security Alarm

Safeguard yourself and your belongings at home or on-the-go with the First Alert™ PA100 Protection on Demand Personal Security Alarm. Offering security in the palm of your hand, the POD device functions as a bag alarm, door alarm, panic alarm and LED flashlight. To use the POD as a bag alarm or to protect belongings, simply press the button once and use the included lanyard to attach the device to your purse, suitcase, stroller or computer bag in public. The loud 100-dB alarm and flashing LED may deter potential thieves and draw attention from local security. This is ideal for airport travelers or shopping with a purse in your cart.





  • Bathrooms
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Multi-function alarm - bag, door and panic alarm provides safety and security on-the go
  • Dual sensing vibration and motion alarm operates in either immediate alarm setting or 20-second delay setting
  • Loud 100-dB panic alarm activates at push of a button
  • Bright, hand-held LED flashlight illuminates your surroundings
  • Product features a 1-year limited warranty
Warranty Claim1-Year Limited