Battery Powered Electrochemical Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Wireless Interconnect Compatibility

This battery powered electrochemical carbon monoxide alarm accurately alerts of increased CO levels in the home. The alarm features a Mute/Silence button to quiet false alarms, and an easy access battery drawer allowing batteries to be changed without removing the alarm from the ceiling. Also features interconnectivity and a 7-year limited warranty.



The First Alert® alarm allows for wireless smoke alarm integration. When one alarm sounds all alarms will be notified. Easily link alarms together with the press of a button.





  • Living Room
  • Basement
  • Bedroom
  • Indoors
  • Electrochemical Sensor - Increased Accuracy
  • Easy access battery door
  • Optional Theft-prevention Lock to Protect the Detector
  • Mute/Silence Button
  • Loud 85db Siren
  • Batteries Included
  • 7-Year Limited Warranty
Warranty Claim7-Year Limited