Why should you protect your valuables?

With over 20 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and distributing safes, it is no wonder customers rely on First Alert® products to protect their most valuable possessions. Our extensive line of safes range from small cash boxes to large executive safes thereby meeting the needs of every consumer. The protection of your valuables is guaranteed through features such as waterproof seals, anti-theft locks, media protection, and so much more.

All First Alert® safes are firmly supported by a 5 Year Warranty: The longest and most robust in the industry. In addition, if a safe is damaged by fire at any time while still owned by the original owner, First Alert will replace it with a comparable model at no charge.


First Alert® products innovative features include:

1) Three Way Protection: Fire, water, and theft protection

2) Dual Protection Locks: To insure personal access, all safe models come with emergency access keys along with combo, digital, or biometric entry

3) Concealed Hinges: Solid steel concealed hinges offer protection from break-in and prying

4) Programmable Door Locks: Programmable keypads allow any pass code to be stored and entered from 3 to 8 digits

5) Water Resistant Seal: The water resistant seal allows for protection of safe contents even when it is fully submerged

6) Biometric Locks: New fingerprint scan technology allows for fast and easy access to safe contents. Biometric technology also allows for up to 6 finger codes to be entered and stored






First Alert products can be purchased at the First Alert Store Online or at the retailers below.