How to choose a Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Having a working Carbon Monoxide Alarm installed in your home isn’t just an important safety precaution – in some areas, it’s the law. There are many options to consider when selecting a CO Alarm. Becoming informed is the best way to ensure you make the right choice to keep your family safe.

Electrochemical Sensor


This sensor is highly sensitive and most accurate at reading CO levels. Electrochemical sensors create a chemical reaction with the CO gas, creating an electrical current that sounds the alarm. All First Alert® Carbon Monoxide Alarms are equipped with this type of sensor.

Combination Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarm


The First Alert® brand team offers two-in-one protection with a selection of detectors that alert you to carbon monoxide and smoke. These alarms are equipped with both an electrochemical sensor for accurate detection of CO, and either a photoelectric or ionization sensor for detection of smoke and fire.

Once an alarm type has been selected, the next consideration is whether the Carbon Monoxide Detector will be hardwired, plug-in, battery powered, or hardwired with a battery backup.






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